Theo Van Eldik

lyrical bronze sculptures




Welcome to the website of the Dutch sculptor Theo Van Eldik.

In his gallery you see a selection of his exclusive bronze sculptures, which are mostly abstract figurative human shapes with lyrical aspects.

His bronzes are authentic, slender, and lyrical. Recurrent psychological themes in his work are comfort, affection and intimate conversation.

The bronzes wonderfully enrich your interior, your home and office, or your garden outside.


Before Theo Van Eldik started to design sculptures in 1998, he studied the educational aspects of Physical Training, and he was a researcher in the field of Psychology and Deafness (Ph.D.).

Theo Van Eldik's bronze sculptures enjoy great interest from private persons, institutions and companies in his own country the Netherlands, as well as in Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland, Thailand, and Australia (all sent by secured parcel shipments).

If you are interested, please be invited contact him. You can also visit his gallery by clicking on the "gallery"-button.

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